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7 Bewertungen
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    I love this school! I´ve learned a lot and we had fun! Ich habe im B1 Kurs gelernt für 4 Wochen. Es war das Intensivkurs Premium von 9.00-12.00 Uhr. Meine Lehrerin hatte sich um uns alle gekümmert. Sie hat gut die deutsche Grammatik erklärt und ich habe sehr viel gelernt. Die Studenten und ich hatten sehr viel Spaß! Ich empfehle jedem, der schnell Deutsch lernen will diese Schule - ich habe nach 4 Wochen B1 gelernt und meine Prüfung bestanden.

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    Wir waren sehr zufrieden mit der Unterrichtsmethode! Mein Frau ist Ärztin und sie hat vor 4 Wochen Ihren Deutsch für Mediziner Kurs absolviert. Nun hat sie auch die Approbation und kann in Deutschland als Ärztin arbeiten. Der Kurs hat 4 Wochen gedauert. Es war eine kleine Gruppe von Ärzten, die sich auf die Fachsprachprüfung vorbereiten wollten. Der Lehrer hat sehr viel Erfahrung und das Unterrichtsmaterial ist sehr professionell. An dieser Stelle möchten wir uns bei Ihnen bedanken!

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    Great place to lear German quickly! Thank you very much for your support!

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  • von am

    My experience here is mixed last year i was here for 3 months i really liked the place, the staff and the teachers. Thus i decided to come again this year (November 2015) i have to say not only i am disappointed but i am very angry with EVOLanguage. The staff is not friendly and they are not willing to help. They don't have teachers so they send us in the BMW Museum that we had to pay the entry. So basically i paid money to the school in order for them to send me to the museum to pay again to go in. I am very dissatisfied with my second experience from this school.

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    Great location and super good teachers! I was in Munich on business for a 1 year and last month during my holidays my wife and I had a chance to check out this school for 2 weeks. An amazing experience for us. We are very happy about the progress. Now we are able to talk basic phrases and understand much more. We have booked 2 intensive courses on beginners level A2. We were lured in by the modern and cozy atmosphere & the warmth of the office staff. They are very helpful and they were happy to give us an advice. We wanted to see the classrooms - which was possible. I could also talk to our teacher in prior. We were told to register for the courses online directly at the office - it took us only 1 minute. Graciously, they offered us coffee and some water. The ambiance of the school is also unique and refreshing, the floor is in pink and there is many nice pictures on the walls. The teachers really get the groups talking ensure you not only learn the grammar but practice it in conversation. They have a big emphasis on conversation and vocabulary building with flash cards. Each Friday there was a test to check our progress. The excursions were also amazing! Go on a tour with Brigitte, and you'll learn so much more about Munich. I highly recommend this German language school for private students and professionals who are interested in learning german in an easy and understable way.

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    good quality courses & teachers

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