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  • von Irene (Gore) am 28.10.2019 10:06
    We booked a walking dinner, in October, as a team event at “Your Local Friend Tours”. The group really liked the combination of interesting information (in English), city history and food and drinks at different locations. The participants liked the changes of location, as they repeatedly got into conversation with other colleagues. The tour was very well organized and Tobias Röckl conveyed both historical and current information about Munich charmingly and with humor. The walking dinner is definitely something to consider.
  • von Daniel B. am 19.08.2019 20:39
    Vielen Dank an Tobi für den perfekten Vormittag. Tobi wurde mit seiner sympathischen Art schnell Teil unserer Gruppe und wirklich unser „local friend“!! Er hat uns mit Witz, Charme und spannenden Geschichten einen wirklich kurzweiligen Vormittag beschert!! Ich wüsste nicht was man besser machen könnte! Großes Kompliment ... mach bitte weiter so!!! Auch für jüngere Leute absolut zu empfehlen!!!
  • von Ashish Gupta am 25.05.2019 18:47
    A short trip which was so we'll organised that didn't feel we were hurried along. So much history and sightseeing clubbed together in 3 days. Tobias was a perfect guide to us a group of 3 different Nationalities. Tobias took great pains to attend to a collegue who fell seriously ill and had to be admitted to the Hospital. He kept constant check on his health and made all arrangements at the hospital. Was really impressed by his dedication and knowledge. Would recommend him to all Friends Visiting Bavaria. Tobias has become a friend for life.
  • von Markus Weh am 05.05.2019 21:02
    Yesterday, me and my wife took a walking tour with Tobias. So interesting, so entertaining, so unique. It was the absolute perfect combination of history, culture and culinary. My very personal recommendation to everyone! 10 stars!!!